selling on social media in Dubai, UAE

Selling on Social Media in Dubai: 2021 Detailed Guide

When it comes to selling on social media, it’s crucial to be clear on what’s legal in the UAE. There are many benefits to connecting with customers and making sales over platforms like Instagram — but your business can only take advantage of these if you abide by the appropriate laws that are specific to […]

start a branch office in Dubai, UAE

Start a branch of a foreign company in Dubai, UAE: Step-by-step

Most overseas entrepreneurs starting a business in the UAE choose from two common options – mainland and free zone. Mainland setups allow business owners to open a UAE company anywhere throughout the Emirates. Free zone setups are established with designated zones. The latter option affords business owners 100% customs tax exemption, zero currency restrictions, plus […]

expo2020 opportunities

Expo 2020: Business Opportunities

After a 12-month delay, Expo 2020 is set to arrive on Dubai’s shores in October this year. The first world expo ever hosted in the MENA region will showcase the very best of collaboration, innovation, and cooperation from around the world. The event has already had an enormous impact on the emirate, creating thousands of […]

start travel agency in Dubai, UAE

Travel and Tourism License Dubai, UAE

Tourism is one of Dubai’s most thriving industries. A record 16.7m tourists visited our shores in 2019, fast approaching the emirate’s goal of 20m visitors per year. Of course, the events of 2020 set these aims back somewhat. But with vaccine rollouts in full swing and lockdowns easing around the world, Dubai’s travel and tourism […]

pest control license Dubai, UAE

Pest Control License Dubai, UAE

Like most urban environments, Dubai is not stranger to pests. And whether birds, insects, or rodents, most inhabitants of the city would rather they were elsewhere. For the businesses that can keep such pest populations under control, the rewards are potentially lucrative. The MENA region’s pest control market is estimated to be worth USD 2.52bn […]

real estate company in Dubai

Start a real estate business in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a fantastic place to own real estate. Property out here is built to a high standard, while returns are often higher than in many other property hot spots. And, with the tourism industry continuing to thrive and the delayed Expo 2020 soon to be arriving on our shores, there’s never been a better […]

open facility management company in Dubai, UAE

Start a facility management business in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is one of the world’s most famous business hubs. with thousands of organisations setting up here, from every corner of the world. From health and hospitality to travel and technology, many industries thrive in this open and encouraging environment. And this busy and burgeoning business environment drives the growth of another industry — facility […]

start and import export business in Dubai, UAE

Start Your Import-Export Company in Dubai, UAE — Step-by-step

When it comes to global trade, there’s no better location than Dubai. Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, it is exceptionally well-connected by land, sea, and air. And those excellent links put the vast global markets of Asia, Europe, and Africa within easy reach. Truly it is a trading location like no other. […]

man washing his car in Dubai

How to start a car wash business in Dubai, UAE

Dubai loves its cars almost as much as its residents love to travel in style. Two major bonuses for anyone looking to start a car wash business out here. Then there’s the desert conditions that mean our cars are often in need of a little sparkle. These factors combine to make us a nation of […]

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