Time is money – here are 4 ways your startup may be wasting it

In a startup environment, productivity is key. While every person should be working efficiently, it’s even more important that their time is spent on the work that will make your company successful. This kind of productivity requires prioritisation, setting goals and tracking results. Time is the great equaliser – we all have the same amount. […]

What makes the UAE such an open and accessible place for women entrepreneurs?

With female entrepreneurship in the UAE on the rise, women in business are helping to dispel the inaccurate myth that entrepreneurial opportunities here are rarely accessible to women. Female entrepreneurs now account for 10% of the total private sector. The government now positively embraces the reality that women are critical to the country’s future economic […]

Affordable offshore company formation in Dubai and the UAE

There are many cost-effective and tax efficient ways to do business in the UAE. Set up anywhere in the Emirates and you’ll benefit from 0% tax on all income, both personal and corporate. Establish your business in a free zone and the advantages continue – no currency restrictions, customs tax exemption and the freedom to […]

Why ADAFZ and KIZAD make Abu Dhabi a great choice for startups

Understanding exactly what each free zone has to offer is the most important step when deciding where to locate your UAE business. It’s vital you get it right. So here’s what you need to consider when making your selection– and why Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone (ADAFZ) and Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) are […]

The ‘Dubai’ brand: What can it teach entrepreneurs?

Every new business starts with an outlandish idea. But just having something new, different and exciting isn’t enough. It takes several other factors to make it successful. Our city of Dubai provides a great example of how to turn the seed of opportunity into an economic powerhouse. Because aside from being the perfect place for […]

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