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    Crowdfunding Platforms in the UAE: Navigating Investment and Fundraising Options

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    Mar 15 2024 at 9:05am

    crowdfunding in Dubai

    Crowdfunding in the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a popular and effective way for entrepreneurs and creatives to raise capital for their ventures. By leveraging the power of the Internet, crowdfunding allows individuals and businesses to gather small amounts of money from a large number of contributors, typically via specialised online platforms. This method provides an alternative to traditional financing channels such as bank loans or investment from venture capitalists.

    The UAE government has recognised the potential of crowdfunding and has taken steps to create a supportive environment for such initiatives. Consequently, the region has seen a rise in licensed crowdfunding platforms tailored to serve the unique market needs. Platforms such as Beehive and Eureeca allow diverse fundraising activities, from business startups to creative projects. Moreover, with the introduction of DubaiNext by the Dubai Government, there is now a dedicated digital crowdfunding platform aimed at bolstering small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with much-needed financial backing.

    Regulatory frameworks have evolved to keep pace with this innovative form of financing. In March 2022, the UAE Cabinet approved regulations for crowdfunding operations, ensuring a secure and structured ecosystem for both fundraisers and investors. This regulatory clarity has further strengthened the crowdfunding landscape in the UAE, leading to its increasing adoption and success.

    Overview of crowdfunding platforms in the UAE

    Crowdfunding in the UAE has emerged as a notable alternative financing method. This process involves raising small amounts of money from a large number of contributors, typically via the Internet. UAE-based startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) increasingly turn to crowdfunding platforms to secure the capital they need for growth and development.

    Licensed platforms: The UAE government mandates that crowdfunding platforms operate with a proper license. Established examples in the UAE include Beehive and Eureeca. These platforms have created a structured environment that allows investors to fund potential businesses and projects across various sectors.

    Government initiatives: The Dubai government has launched DubaiNext, a digital platform aimed at fostering the growth of SMEs through crowdfunding. This initiative reflects the government’s support for innovative financing models and its commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    Types of crowdfunding: In the UAE, crowdfunding can be categorised primarily into two main areas:

    • Donation-based: With this model, contributors donate to a project or cause without an expectation of financial returns.
    • Equity-based: This model allows contributors to become shareholders in the company by investing capital.

    Regulatory framework: In March 2022, the UAE Cabinet instituted new regulations to govern crowdfunding efforts, enhancing investor protection and providing a clear legal structure for crowdfunding transactions, thereby bolstering confidence among participants.

    These developments illustrate the UAE’s progressive approach to integrating modern financing models, making the country an attractive marketplace for investors and entrepreneurs looking for alternative investment and funding avenues.

    Types of crowdfunding models

    In the UAE, crowdfunding has evolved into a significant avenue for fundraising, catering to various types of projects and financial needs. The models typically used across platforms include reward-based, equity, debt, and donation-based crowdfunding.

    Reward-based crowdfunding

    This model appeals to those looking to support a project in exchange for a tangible item or service. Funders are often motivated by the anticipation of receiving a product or experiencing a service related to the project they fund.

    Equity crowdfunding

    Equity crowdfunding allows investors to exchange capital for shares in a company. It is a way for startups and small businesses in the UAE to raise funds while allowing investors to own a portion of the company and potentially reap future profits.

    Debt crowdfunding

    Also known as peer-to-peer lending, this approach enables individuals to lend money to businesses or individuals with the expectation that the money will be repaid with interest. It is an alternative to traditional bank loans and provides investors with income through interest payments.

    Donation-based crowdfunding

    Projects leveraging donation-based crowdfunding seek contributions without a promise of financial or tangible rewards. Donors support campaigns based on philanthropy or passion for the cause, and funds are frequently directed towards social, environmental or humanitarian projects.

    Regulatory landscape for crowdfunding in UAE

    The United Arab Emirates takes a progressive approach to digital finance, underscoring this through regulatory frameworks for crowdfunding. Cabinet Resolution No. (36) of 2022 is a cornerstone regulation, paving the way for crowdfunding platform operations. This demonstrates the country’s dedication to modernising financial opportunities and fostering innovation within its borders.

    Key regulatory bodies include:

    • The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), which regulates securities-based crowdfunding operations.
    • The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE), which oversees loan-based crowdfunding activities.

    The regulatory framework set forth by the UAE aims to:

    • Enhance the sustainability and integrity of crowdfunding operations
    • Ensure the protection of investors and participants
    • Provide a formal structure under which crowdfunding platforms can operate reliably

    Licencing requirements are integral to this framework, ensuring that operators adhere to compliance standards. Furthermore, the regulation encompasses specific guidelines and restrictions for crowdfunding activities to promote transparency and accountability.

    The UAE’s strategy supports small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in accessing alternative funding streams and balances investor protection with market innovation. This strategic move showcases the UAE’s commitment to aiding the growth of the SME sector while diligently managing risks associated with investments.

    Leading crowdfunding platforms in the UAE

    The United Arab Emirates has seen a significant rise in the number of crowdfunding platforms, enabling entrepreneurs and creative minds to fund their ventures efficiently. These platforms cater to a variety of sectors, including technology, film and real estate.


    Eureeca is an equity crowdfunding platform that operates globally and has a strong presence in the UAE. Since its inception in 2013, it has led significant funding rounds, including a notable $1.3 million investment in the car rental platform Udrive.


    Launched in 2014, Beehive is a pioneering peer-to-peer lending platform in the UAE. It directly connects businesses seeking quick and accessible finance with investors who can support their growth and share the benefits.


    Focusing on the MENA region, Zoomaal is a platform dedicated to supporting creative and innovative projects. It works towards empowering startups and entrepreneurs in the Arab world to get their ideas off the ground with the required funding.

    Dubai Next

    Dubai Next is the first government-backed digital crowdfunding platform in the UAE, primarily designed for Dubai-based innovators. Operated by Dubai SME, it enables individuals and companies to launch campaigns and materialise their creative projects by raising funds online.

    If you are interested in starting a crowdfunding platform in the UAE, contact Worldwide Formations today.

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