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    Manager Visa Dubai: Your Guide to Securing a Management Position in the UAE

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    Mar 28 2024 at 12:20pm

    Manager Visa Dubai

    Dubai’s position as a global business hub is supported by its competitive visa framework, which includes provisions for managers and executives through the UAE Golden Visa system. Introduced in 2019, the Golden Visa is a long-term residency program designed to attract and retain high-level professionals, including managers, CEOs, and other specialists, contributing to the nation’s economic diversity and growth. This visa offers a range of benefits, such as extended residency periods and less stringent visa renewal requirements, empowering professionals to pursue long-term career and investment opportunities in the UAE.

    For those looking to relocate to Dubai for managerial roles, obtaining a Manager Visa is facilitated by the UAE’s straightforward visa policies. Generally valid for two years, the standard employment visa is available for professionals meeting the criteria and is subject to renewal. The process for obtaining this visa is employer-driven, requiring the hiring company to apply on behalf of the prospective employee. Costs associated with work permits and visas vary based on the category and level of the position, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to a structured and tiered approach to employment regulation.

    Eligibility criteria for manager visas in Dubai

    When applying for a manager visa in Dubai, applicants are required to meet stringent education and professional experience thresholds. These prerequisites ensure that only qualified managers and executives contribute to the professional landscape of Dubai.

    Education and experience requirements

    Applicants must hold a managerial or executive position within a UAE-based company. The required status includes roles such as general manager, director, CEO, or other high-ranking positions. To qualify, one generally needs:

    • A bachelor’s degree or higher from a recognised institution.
    • A minimum amount of professional experience, often several years, in a management role.

    Professional qualifications

    In addition to educational accomplishments, the following professional qualifications and criteria are typically required:

    • A valid employment contract in a managerial role.
    • Evidence of continuous professional development and any relevant professional certifications.

    Application process for a Manager Visa

    The application process for a Manager visa in Dubai is a structured procedure that requires careful attention to documentation, adherence to specified steps, and an understanding of the associated processing time and fees.

    Documentation needed

    The primary documents required for a Manager Visa in Dubai include:

    • Valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity.
    • Passport-sized photographs adhering to UAE standards.
    • A current job offer or employment contract from a UAE-based company outlining the managerial or executive role.
    • Proof of educational qualifications and professional experience.
    • A salary certificate or proof of income meeting the visa’s minimum salary requirement.
    • Health insurance coverage valid in the UAE.

    Visa application steps

    The step-by-step process for obtaining a Manager Visa is as follows:

    1. Secure a job position as a manager or executive in a UAE-based company.
    2. Gather all the necessary documentation.
    3. Submit the visa application online via the UAE Government’s official portal or through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
    4. Pay the required visa fees.
    5. Undergo a medical fitness test at a government-approved health centre in the UAE.
    6. Obtain the Emirates ID card and undergo biometric scanning.
    7. If the application is approved, the visa will be stamped on the applicant’s passport.

    Processing time and fees

    The processing time and fees for a Manager Visa can vary but generally are as follows:

    • Processing time: Approximately four to six weeks from the submission of a complete and accurate application.
    • Fees: The cost can vary based on the visa’s duration and whether it is for five or ten years. The visa cost includes charges for application processing, medical fitness test, Emirates ID, and visa stamping.

    Benefits and limitations of the Manager Visa

    The Manager Visa in Dubai offers a combination of long-term residency options and employment rights, yet it comes with specific conditions related to its duration and renewal processes.

    Residency and work rights

    The Manager Visa grants long-term residency to qualified managers, enabling them to live and work in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor. This visa provides the holder with:

    • The right to work in the UAE in a managerial capacity.
    • The ability for their families to live in the UAE under their sponsorship.

    Visa duration and renewal

    Visa duration: The validity of the Manager Visa is typically linked to the UAE Golden Visa program, offering options for 5 or 10 years, subject to renewal.

    Renewal process: The renewal of a Manager Visa is conditional upon meeting the original eligibility criteria and is usually a straightforward process. The visa can be renewed for equivalent periods (five or ten years), and the process requires the holder to maintain their eligibility throughout the term of the visa.


    In summary, the Manager Visa in Dubai opens the door to unparalleled opportunities for professionals aiming to secure a management position in the vibrant and economically diverse landscape of the UAE.

    With its robust framework and enticing benefits, the UAE Golden Visa system is designed to attract and support the world’s leading talents. Whether you’re looking to leverage the extended residency options or the less stringent renewal requirements, navigating the process has never been more straightforward.

    If your ambition is to be part of Dubai’s thriving business community, Worldwide Formations is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to embark on your journey to success in the UAE.

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