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    Printing business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    Dubai has a diverse and prospering economy, with thousands of new businesses choosing to set up in the emirate each year. Many of those will require printing services, and so for those looking to start their own business and be their own boss, setting up a printing business in Dubai is a promising option. This… Continue reading Printing business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    Low cost business setup in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    ‘Low-cost’ and ‘Dubai’ don’t seem to go together at first glance. After all, the emirate is a technological marvel, more than deserving of its status as one of the world’s most prestigious business and tourist hubs. But, in fact, plenty can be achieved out here on a budget. Over 90% of Dubai’s businesses are SMEs,… Continue reading Low cost business setup in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    Cloud kitchens in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    In recent years, the number of people ordering home-delivered food has increased significantly, fuelled by the pandemic, as well as the rise of delivery apps such as Uber Eats, which make ordering a wide range of food easier than ever before. This has led to the development of cloud kitchens to service this need, and… Continue reading Cloud kitchens in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    How to open a tourism company in Dubai

    It’s often said that Dubai is built for business. And while that’s undoubtedly true, there’s another growing demand that the emirate has been tailormade to meet – tourism. Dubai’s famous skyline is as familiar to holidaymakers as it is to entrepreneurs. Millions flock here every year to experience ‘7-star’ luxury, first-class hospitality and a city… Continue reading How to open a tourism company in Dubai

    Starting a Candle Business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    Dubai, with its thriving economy and growing population, presents a lucrative market for candle businesses. In this article, we will explore the candle business in Dubai, including the current state of the market, business requirements, setting up a candle business, challenges and opportunities and recommendations. Candle business in Dubai – market analysis The candle market… Continue reading Starting a Candle Business in Dubai [2023 Guide]

    Airbnb business Dubai [2023 Guide]

    The Airbnb success story has been nothing short of sensational. In just 16 years, the company has gone from one sofa-bed to over seven million listings in 191 countries. And it’s not just the founders who are reaping the rewards. Total host income is over USD 180bn, with the average host in the US generating… Continue reading Airbnb business Dubai [2023 Guide]