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    Pet Grooming Business in Dubai (Costs and Requirements)

    Posted by admin Posted in Business Setup

    Dec 17 2021 at 3:58pm

    Pet Grooming Business in Dubai

    There are more people with pets in Dubai today than ever before. And many of those owners just don’t have the time to do all the cleaning and pampering their furry friends need. So, it is no surprise that there is a growing number of pet grooming businesses in the emirate to meet this demand.

    If you love cats, dogs and other creatures – and know how to care for them – launching a pet grooming business in Dubai could be a great idea for a new company.

    So, how do you go about launching a pet grooming business in Dubai? In this article you will learn about why you should start a pet grooming business in Dubai, the process for getting your licence, all the documents you need and much more information for your entrepreneurial idea.

    Why start a pet grooming business in Dubai?

    Starting a pet grooming business in Dubai can be a great business venture for many different reasons. Most people who launch this kind of company will have some prior experience of caring for animals – whether that is through caring for their own pets, or perhaps through previous experience working at someone else’s pet salon. Whatever your experience, there are several great reasons to launch a pet grooming business in Dubai. These include:

    1. A fast-growing market

    According to recently published research, the market for dog food in the United Arab Emirates will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7% over the next five years. These figures indicate that the general pet population in the UAE is likely to grow at a comparable rate. Among those pet owners, it is very likely that many will need the services of a pet grooming business. Getting into a growing market at an early stage is a smart move for any entrepreneur – and it means you’ll have a good chance of making a healthy living for many years to come. 

    2. Satisfying work

    If you love dogs, cats and other furry or feathered friends, running your own pet grooming business makes for a very satisfying career move. You will be able to spend your days with all kinds of pets, making them (and their owners) happy and healthy.

    3. Meeting a need post-pandemic

    Many people chose to purchase a new pet during the pandemic while working from home. However, as many of those pet owners are returning to the physical office to do their work, they may have less time to give their pets the care and attention they need. By running a pet grooming business in Dubai, you will be able to provide those customers with the support they need to maintain their animals.

    4. No or low tax rate

    Dubai has a low corporate tax rate and if you set up your company in a UAE free zone you won’t have any income tax to pay at all. That means more money stays in your business which you can reinvest to expand.

    Steps to get a pet grooming licence in Dubai

    If you want to start a pet grooming business in Dubai you must first apply for a licence from the authorities. This will require you to complete the following steps.

    Step one: Choose your trading name.

    Your trading name needs to describe what your company does, and you should be careful not to include any terms that could be considered offensive or potentially blasphemous. Also, the brand must not include any acronyms of your own name. For example, Jasmine Klein Dog Groomers is fine, but JK Dog Groomers, would be against the rules.

    Step 2: Select your business activity.

    All businesses in the UAE must select business activities describing what they do from a list of permitted activities.

    Step 3: Fill in your application form.

    Next, you need to fill in a trading licence application form which provides an overview of the company, your business plan, details of the shareholders and other related information.

    Step 4: Get external approvals.

    To receive your licence, you will need to receive approvals from the relevant authorities.

    Step 5: Collect required documents.

    During the application process you will need to gather a variety of documents together, including passport copies, copies of your visa and stamped approved licence applications.

    Step 6: Choose your pet grooming business location.

    You will need to choose a suitable location for your pet grooming business – be that in a free zone, or on the mainland of Dubai.

    Step 7: Pay any application fees.

    You will need to pay various fees before you receive your business licence application.

    Documents required to start a pet grooming business in Dubai, UAE

    If you would like to start a pet grooming business in Dubai, you will need to provide the following documents to the relevant authorities, as well as your business consultation setup partner: 

    • A completed application form which describes what your business does, the services you will offer, information about shareholders and their skills and qualifications.
    • Your articles of incorporation if you have decided to work as a limited liability company or a partnership.
    • Copies of your passport as well as that of all shareholders and employees.
    • Copies of your visa, as well as those of any of your employees and other shareholders.
    • Proof of address in the UAE.
    • Business bank account details.

    Pet grooming business licence cost in Dubai

    The exact cost of applying for your Dubai pet grooming business license will depend on your business model, location, number of shareholders and structure.

    However, on average, you can expect to pay between 10,000 and 12,000 AED to get your licence approved and processed. At Worldwide Formations we can provide you with a more precise quote based on your specific circumstances and business model.

    Remember that the business licence fee is only one small part of the pet grooming business setup costs in Dubai. You will also need to set aside capital for several other initial outlays which include: 

    • A deposit on your business premises
    • Investing in equipment for various pets and types of treatment
    • Money for initial marketing campaigns including leaflets, website, posters and social media advertising
    • The cost of energy for utilities
    • Salaries for staff
    • Any initial training you need to complete

    Why work with Worldwide Formations?

    Worldwide Formations is one of Dubai’s most experienced company setup consultancies. We have plenty of experience helping entrepreneurs just like you to set up a business in the UAE. That experience means we know exactly what your company needs, and we can support you throughout the application process.

    When you begin working with Worldwide Formations, we offer a free consultation to help you decide on your type of economic activity. We will then discuss with you the most appropriate legal structure for your business, select the right location and register your trade name. Next up, we help you get approvals and certificates from the relevant authorities to get your business licence and apply for visas for any staff as required.

    Thanks to our smooth business setup process and our proven experience working with pet grooming businesses in the UAE before, you can rely on us to support you throughout this process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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