How to go about the Process of Company Incorporation in UAE?

Company incorporation is when the business owner decides to make his/her startup official. It brings plenty of benefits to the company and its future shareholders. While the process can be a little too complicated in some countries, it is a process for which all the effort will definitely pay off. Protecting your personal assets is […]

5 Low Cost Business Ventures for Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone

Ever since the UAE embarked on a path of diversification a few decades ago, the country has endeavoured to offer new businesses the most fertile ground to set up a presence in the region and strive for growth. This has led to an almost explosive increase in the number of new businesses being established in […]

The Predominant Labour Laws that Employers in the UAE need to know

As a prominent business-friendly economy, UAE’s labour laws, ministerial decrees and business guidelines are largely directed at helping businesses function more effectively and for employees to have a more productive and fulfilling work experience. While laws regarding the commercial legal structure constitute a major chunk of these laws, there are also a series of guidelines […]

Why SMEs in Dubai Need Business Consulting

Small to medium enterprises are regarded as the power that fuels Dubai’s economic growth, representing 95% of all establishments in the Emirate. They contribute significantly to the overall growth and development of the state, accounting for 42% of the workforce and contributing to over 40% of the total value generated in the economy. Such results […]


Compared to its glamorous neighbour Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah does not get nearly the amount of publicity it deserves. If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to expand to emerging markets abroad, there are crucial reasons why this emirate should make it to the top of your list. History It’s probably inaccurate to classify Ras Al Khaimah […]

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