10 Reasons why you should take your business to UAE

The United Arab Emirates has always been regarded as a haven for businesses and private enterprises. The country has recorded tremendous growth in investments, especially in the last decade. UAE’s excellent location at the crossroads of the east and west, as well as its stable and secure atmosphere, has created an environment where businesses thrive.


The main reasons why you should look to move your business to UAE are:

1.Strategic location:The nation’s location on the edge of the Arabian peninsula provides easy access to the east and west. The country’s ports are linked to most of the major shipping routes, allowing businesses to manufacture and transport goods to over two-thirds of the world.
2.State-of-the-art infrastructure: UAE has now carved a niche for itself among the global economic elites. The country has overtaken other Asian business hubs like Singapore and Taiwan, due to its sheer efficiency.
3.Choice of business premises: Whatever type of business you run, you are sure to find a place in the UAE. With a large number of dedicated industrial zones in each of the Emirates and the availability of high-end infrastructure, UAE offers some of the best office premises in the world.
4.Political and social stability: UAE has one of the lowest levels of crimes in the world. The country’s rankings in safety and security ratings are better than many of the most advanced countries around the world. UAE’s fast-growing economy creates the ideal habitat for businesses.
5.Ease of doing business: The UAE government has paved the way for the country to become an investor’s paradise by offering really low operational costs due to a low cost of oil as well as supporting a competitive real estate market that makes it very easy to find land for industrial purposes.
6.Protection of intellectual property rights: The country recognizes and regulates intellectual property rights across national borders and its legal framework is very well defined on patent and copyright laws.
7.Favourable business regulations: UAE offers businesses a robust financial setup with high levels of liquidity and a strong banking system, easy availability of skilled and unskilled labour at low rates and a large pool of local partners with business expertise to choose from.
8.Open economy: The investment climate in the UAE is also extremely conducive for new and innovative business ideas. The government is implementing policies that look to secure a future beyond oil, with plans to increase the contribution of the non-oil sector to 80% of the nation’s GDP in the next 10 to 15 years.
9.Economic stability: UAE’s GDP has grown almost exponentially from USD 2.85 billion in 1973 to USD 382.5 billion in 2018.
10.Free zones: The free zones of UAE are another great advantage that businesses do not get anywhere else in the world. Freezone company formation in the UAE is much easier and involves much less investment as compared to any other place in the world. The easy bureaucratic processes involved in freezone company formation mean that business owners can work hassle-free to get the best results.

The future holds lots of promise for UAE with international businesses targeting Emirates like Ras-Al Khaimah and Ajman for their future operations. Every year more investor conferences are choosing Dubai as their host. The Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to place Dubai firmly on the list of most developed cities in the world and reiterate UAE’s place as the most investor-friendly country in the world.


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