A vibrant business hub equidistant from Asia, Africa and Europe, Dubai is swiftly developing as the most favoured free zone business centre in UAE. Resurrected with more vigor from the ashes of the economic recession, Dubai has a near-stable economy currently and encourages market-smart and competent business start-ups in the region.

The prevailing trends in Dubai market support myriad opportunities to foreign investors looking to exploit on the import or export business. The matchless location of your business in the fertile land of Dubai itself is an incentive that gives ample boost to your business.

But running a profitable enterprise in a Dubai free zone demands careful attention to certain points. Checking on these facts will help you avoid any issue while setting up a new business venture in a Dubai free zone.


Business start-ups can bank on the following facts when it comes to Dubai free zones:

  • A hassle-free, 100% ownership without a local partner
  • Absolute capital repatriation and profits allowing your money to flow freely across the globe
  • Complete exemption from export/import, corporate and personal income taxes
  • Each free zone offers highly economical and unfailing energy supply
  • Easy and resourceful labour recruitment coupled with inexpensive labour charges
  • The administration services are prompt and business-friendly
  • There is no time constraint. Businesses in a Dubai free zone are allowed to work round the clock
  • The processes of business initiation are speedy
  • The free zones offer a duty-free customs boundary

As Dubai free zone start-ups don’t have to confront stern customs duty or restrictive law framework, setting up a new business enterprise in Dubai becomes a cakewalk for expatriates.

Moreover, your business will be under constant surveillance of the administrative authority of the free zone. They walk you through the processes and ensure that your endeavor grows in leaps and bounds.

Getting started

As the first step, fetch the help of an expert advisory team to plan your business. The experts can assist you in moulding your own business plan from scratch. The focus points to keep in mind are the estimated costs, license and location choices and the expected hurdles to be jumped over. A deep-rooted research about the market and the market players can be extremely helpful.

There are a set of rules to be followed while starting up a new business in Dubai free zones. Registering your company is mandatory for the necessary legal protection and you are expected to stick on to their legal expectations.

Choose your business proposition wisely and a registered company formation agent can help you get on the way to a problem-free registration process to get your business up and running in a Dubai free zone.

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