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    Businesses You Can Start in Dubai with No Investment

    Posted by admin Posted in Entrepreneurship

    Jun 26 2022 at 11:46am

    No Investment Businesses Dubai

    For many living in Dubai, starting a business is a life goal. The chance to work for yourself, with no boss telling you what to do, and making your own money is alluring.

    There are many opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs in Dubai in a multitude of sectors. The economy has diversified hugely in recent years, backed by the government, which wants to make the emirate a premier destination for businesses both new and established.

    The best thing is that anyone can set up a business in Dubai. The process to do this is relatively easy – and there are company formation specialists that can help with that – and often this can be done with minimal upfront investment.

    This article covers:

    • Low investment business ideas in Dubai
    • Starting a business in Dubai with little or no investment
    • Why choose Worldwide Formations?

    Low investment business ideas in Dubai

    Here are seven ideas for businesses that can be set up with little or no upfront investment from the entrepreneur.

    Website development

    There are very few businesses today that do not have an online presence of some description and, depending on the sector it operates in, it is essential. This means websites must be fast loading, easy to navigate and attractive. Skilled website designers, who can deliver websites to specification, without bugs, are highly sought after and can command large fees.

    While there are some potential setup costs for website designers, such as purchasing the necessary equipment and software, this is easily recouped when the first contracts come in.

    Websites are also not static entities and will need to be constantly updated and improved, which means that ongoing contracts can be secured.


    Many people in Dubai own pets, but, if they work full-time, these pets need to be looked after while they are out at work. This is where the professional pet-sitter comes in and is something that is growing in popularity.

    As the name suggests, a pet-sitter looks after a pet, or pets, in the owner’s home while they are out, be it at work, away on business or on holiday. This includes things like feeding them, taking them for walks (if required) and generally caring for them.

    All that is needed is some knowledge (and love) of animals and how to care for them and to be able to travel to the owner’s home – usually not a problem thanks to Dubai’s transport infrastructure. Often, the only setup costs are for advertising online, although there are free ways to do this, such as on social media platforms.

    Social media management

    Most businesses now have a presence on social media, and many understand how it can be a huge marketing tool for them. But some businesses, especially smaller ones, often don’t have the time or skills to make the most of their social media accounts, meaning some are turning to freelance experts who can manage them on their behalf, for a fee.

    This can involve creating and publishing content, such as videos, memes and blogs – which can be done with just a laptop, phone and decent editing software.

    Online tutor

    If you have skills or expertise that others might want to learn, then you can easily set up as an online tutor. Popular topics include school subjects such as maths and languages as well as musical instruments or crafts.

    Online tutors can teach sessions on a one-to-one or group basis, and fees are usually charged by the half hour or hour. This is another business where regular customers can be built up quickly if the service provided is good. It can also be worked around other responsibilities such as childcare.

    Again, up-front investment is low, perhaps just the videoconferencing technology, as you already have the skill and qualifications.

    Professional cleaning services

    Many people living in Dubai lead busy lives, which means that they can struggle to find time for tasks such as house cleaning. Increasingly, people in Dubai are paying others to clean for them.

    No qualifications are needed, and setup costs are low – just the equipment to do the cleaning and maybe some advertising in local media. One of the advantages of cleaning is that it can be flexible – times can be arranged to be mutually convenient – and you can build up regular clients quickly if your service is good. Commercial cleaning – such as offices – can also be an avenue to explore and can pay more than domestic cleaning.

    Recruitment consultant

    With so many businesses now based in Dubai, and more setting up in the emirate all the time, the need to recruit new employees never ends. Successfully recruiting new employees can be a process that takes up valuable time and money – and if it is got wrong, it can cost a business a lot more. Many business owners understandably outsource this process to recruitment consultancies.

    In the past, recruitment consultancies were in physical premises, but post-COVID and with the rise of videoconferencing, many consultants are now doing this successfully online.

    It is useful to have some experience in this sector before setting up your own recruitment consultancy, as it is an industry where reputation and peer-to-peer recommendations often count for a lot, especially when just starting up.

    Online retailer

    Online shops are a popular option for many business owners, as they don’t have many of the costs of physical premises, such as rent, electricity, staffing etc. This also widens the number of potential customers from passers-by to anyone with access to the internet. It is particularly popular among entrepreneurs in the craft sector, as they can market their wares and take orders online through various payment methods with ease.

    In addition, there are numerous online marketplaces that retailers can join, which can make it easier for customers to find their products, rather than relying on Google search or social media.

    Starting a business in Dubai with little or no investment

    While all of the business ideas listed above need little or any upfront investment in equipment, premises or stock, the biggest cost that has to be considered is the business licence, although even this is very affordable.

    How much a licence costs depends on the type of business that is being set up, and where it is being set up. For instance, if you base your business in a free zone, a business licence usually costs between AED 10,000–15,000. Another option is to submit an application to the Department of Economic Development, which generally costs about AED 15,000.

    What kind of business setup you choose will depend on what products or services you provide and how big it is. For help with this, company formation specialists can provide advice on which setup is right for your business and help you to apply for the business licence and even a visa, if required.

    Why choose Worldwide Formations?

    As this article has shown, there are many businesses that can be started with little or no investment, but help can still be needed with the setup process, which is where company formation specialists such as Worldwide Formations can be crucial.

    Worldwide Formations’ team has helped to set up many businesses in Dubai over the years and can negotiate the complexities to allow an entrepreneur to focus on what they are good at – making money.

    To find out more and to receive a personalised quote, please contact Worldwide Formations today.

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