The 2019 Ease of Doing Business Index prepared by World Bank places the UAE in the 11th* position globally, which emphasizes the fact that Dubai is still the best place for doing business. Perhaps, this is why the commercial capital of the UAE sees a swarm of investors every year.

Besides the lighter tax burden, there are infrastructural benefits, which you may not find elsewhere but in Dubai. Also the country doesn’t put too many restrictions on issuing business loans for investors.

Dubai has an immense number of business opportunities for investors to tap into, in the field of real estate, e-commerce, education, consulting, engineering and more. And owing to this, tens of thousands of companies register every year in the UAE.

Here are the top six reasons why you should be choosing Dubai for doing your business:
1) Availability of Free Zones
There are over 45 free zones in operation in the UAE, where any foreign investor can easily set up a business without having to compromise on its ownership. Dubai free zones make a perfect location for any business venture – be it manufacturing, trading or service. With their myriad business-friendly policies, they keep incentivizing companies to make good profits. Freezone company formation is one the most lucrative option for any wannabe foreign entrepreneur in Dubai.

2) Benefits of an Open Economy
UAE encourages private participation in most businesses. The country doesn’t impose any restrictions in its visa, import and export and forex policies. This creates an atmosphere where private businesses can conduct cross-border trade conveniently and flourish in time. It has also inked several international deals to promote foreign investments as well.

3) Social and Political Safety
Dubai is considered as a safe city to live, work and conduct business. In spite of being a melting pot of different cultures, harbouring more than 200 nationalities, the crime rate of the country is still the lowest in the world. The Global Peace Index 2016 ranks it as the third most peaceful nation in the region. This has inspired many multinational businesses to operate from Dubai.

4) World-Class Infrastructure
Dubai offers excellent premises for any business to function, in terms of offices, warehouses and production units. There are plenty of business spaces, shopping malls, commercial buildings, industrial units here. And you can choose what fits your need best.

Soon with the coming of the world’s biggest wholesale city, the UAE is touted to witness an estimated $4.3 trillion of investment from around the globe.**

Whether it is air, road or water transport, Dubai’s transport systems are renowned the world over. They are well-connected with the rest of the world and so, doing business from Dubai becomes an easy affair.

5) Gateway to the World
Geographically, Dubai’s positioning is beneficial to businesses looking to reach potential markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. It gives you the head start to execute your trade in a matter of hours. Also, the advantageous timezone permits you to trade with major international markets.

6) Easy Visa and Quality Living
Starting a company in Dubai helps you gain residency visa without too many hassles. It allows you to get an apartment for longer lease period, open current account in regional banks, and travel to other countries (such as Schengen) easily.

The UAE is one of the few countries in the world offering a premium lifestyle for you and family. The United Nations ranks it 20 among 156 countries in their Happiness Index Report 2018 .***

To stay competitive in the present day scenario, you cannot just trade domestically but expand your business to new horizons that should prove profitable in time. And, Dubai is the ideal launching pad for your expansion plans.

Company formation in the UAE doesn’t take too much time. You can either set up in the mainland or in the Free zone. However, seeking help of an experienced company formation agent is the first step you must take to start a business in Dubai.


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