Virtual Office Incorporation

If you are an entrepreneur trying to set up a new business with limited capital, you might find it hard to afford the services and provisions required to continue operations and still stay within your budget. This is where a virtual office can help out. Virtual offices exist only within a digital scope and don’t require all the other expenses involved with maintaining physical offices. In spite of this, you get the full set of services and staff support required to promote the idea of a fully established enterprise. The virtual office space offers great savings as compared to starting up an actual office, since occupants share costs for most of these services and infrastructure.

Worldwide Formations offers world-class virtual office services with the support of a professionally trained team. We help provide offshore companies both a prestigious point of contact for business correspondence and communication facilities such as telephone, fax and email. Our virtual offshore office setup definitely helps enterprises cut back on the operational costs and overheads and stay within their budget.


  • It’s your first business venture.
  • You have limited ready capital for the investment.
  • Your mode of communication with clients is mostly through emails and telephone.
  • You need to operate your business from any part of the world.
  • A full time office is only a second priority.


  • A prestigious address, telephone number and fax number in the UAE
  • A dedicated receptionist to attend phone calls and related queries
  • Meeting rooms and conference rooms that are available on demand
  • Amenities like video conferencing equipment, lounges, internet connectivity and parking facilities

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