Re-domiciliation or transfer of domicile is the transfer of an enterprise’s domicile from one jurisdiction to another. Re-domiciliation helps enterprises take advantage of the more favorable tax laws at its new location and benefit from improved access to specialist financial and capital markets. UAE is an internationally white-listed jurisdiction that offers businesses a highly professional, growth-oriented environment that’s supported by world-class infrastructure, business-friendly policies, stable banking facilities and AML/CFT countermeasures.


  • Take advantage of the more preferable tax and regulatory environment
  • Access to a market of nearly 5 billion across three continents
  • Maintain existing legal status
  • Maintain goodwill and banking history
  • Operational history can be preserved
  • Ensure secrecy and asset protection
  • Take advantage of the wide network of double taxation treaties


  • Assistance with acquiring documents required for the re-domiciliation process
  • Assistance with acquiring licenses relevant to the new administrative body
  • Assistance with selecting and obtaining new location
  • Help in understanding the new liabilities and powers through sound legal and tax advice
  • Ensuring a streamlined transfer, while preserving the company’s goodwill, identity and operational history
  • Management, professional, personal and family visa assistance
  • Guidance through fiscal and compliance requirements
  • Assistance in acquiring telecom, communication and other office facilities

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