UAE – A Top Destination for Company Formation

Why UAE?

UAE is strategically located on the international trade and tourism map. During the past six decades, UAE has seen a flourishing economy and this is the primary reason behind the increasing number of company formations in UAE.

People are pouring into the UAE and new companies are registered almost every day, while banking on its ever-growing economy, expat-friendly laws, 100% tax exemption, the resourceful free zone areas and diverse business opportunities.

Company formation is comparatively easy in the UAE as the region offers an array of lucrative business locations, enticing benefits and state of the art infrastructure.

The UAE government also makes several strategic efforts to encourage foreign business investors to establish their own companies in the region as they boost the economy.

UAE – a preferred destination for company formation

The business sectors that have seen increasing investments in the UAE are Power and Energy, Construction, Logistics and Trading, Manufacturing, Food &Beverage, Healthcare, Financial services, Information Technology and Communication and Tourism.

The reasons why UAE enjoys such favour are:

  • 1. Investor-friendly laws: The UAE government has well-framed and long-term plans that give immense boost to new company formation in the region as these new companies in turn give impetus to the country’s economy. The business laws in UAE are formulated in much a manner that they favour emergent businesses.
  • 2. 100% tax exemption: Another credible reason that businesses pick UAE for company formation is the tax exemption given to expatriate investors. This has proved to be very effective in attracting new businesses. Every industry segment other than banking, oil and the processing of tobacco are completely exempt from taxation of any kind.
  • 3. UAE free trade zones: Companies set up within UAE free zones have seen a steady rise in revenues. These free zones provide competent infrastructure and all the necessary amenities required for companies to bring in great business. UAE free zones are much sought after locations for global shopping as goods sold here are cheaper than anywhere else in the world.
  • 4. Complete ownership:The legal framework has been amended to give complete foreign ownership to expat investors. This paves the way for many big and small business players to migrate to the UAE to launch new establishments.

UAE is home to people of almost 190 different nationalities. Compared to the rest of the world, UAE is a leader in the migration rate of investors from other parts of the world. Undoubtedly, UAE is the favourite choice for foreign investors as a promising location for company formation.

Being a haven for new business establishments, the UAE is definitely fertile to sow seeds for your potential business success. The registered company formation agencies can lead you along the right path and fulfill your dreams of setting up a profitable business in the UAE.

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