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    Men’s Salon Business in Dubai [2023 Business Guide]

    Posted by admin Posted in Business Setup

    Feb 25 2023 at 7:22am

    Men’s Salon Business in Dubai

    After one look at Dubai’s slick skyline, clean streets and manicured green spaces, it’s clear that the emirate likes to look good. And its residents are no different.

    Add a growing population, increasing disposable income and a high standard of living, and the result is a thriving beauty industry. Within this vast market is a men’s salon sector packed with potential.

    So, if you have the skills to succeed here, keep reading to find out how to start a men’s salon business in Dubai. And when you’re ready to get started, get in touch with Worldwide Formations for a personalised quote.

    • Men’s Salon business in Dubai, UAE – an overview
    • Current market trends and demands for men’s grooming services
    • Men’s Salon business in Dubai, UAE – step by step
    • Cost of getting a men’s salon license in Dubai, UAE
    • Marketing strategies for success in the Men’s salon business in Dubai
    • How Worldwide Formations can help

    Men’s salon business in Dubai, UAE – an overview

    Male grooming has long been high on the agenda in Dubai. Out here, where business dress is the norm and first impressions count, looking clean, tidy and presentable is of the utmost importance.

    This demand for men’s beauty products and services plays a large part in the UAE’s hair care industry’s revenues which exceeded USD 196m last year. That amounts to USD 19.32 per person. Over the next five years, this figure is expected to grow annually by 1.3%.

    Across the GCC, per capita spending on men’s grooming is comparable with many Western European countries. So, as the demand for such products and services increases around the world, we can expect the UAE to follow suit.

    Current market trends and demands for men’s grooming services

     Traditionally, men’s grooming services have mainly focused on hair styling and beard care. While these areas remain on the up, the sector has now expanded to include many more.

    Men’s manicures and pedicures are fast gaining in popularity here in the UAE, as the nation’s men continue their quest to look well-kempt from head to toe.

    Massages remain incredibly popular, too. Sports and deep tissue massage have been in demand for some time. However, new styles are quickly gaining traction in the men’s market. Body scrubs, hot stone treatments and neuro massage are among the trends expected to continue this year.

    Moroccan and Turkish bath treatments are also seeing something of a reassurance due to their rejuvenating and hydrating effects on the skin.

    Men’s salon business in Dubai, UAE – step by step

    Before starting the process of applying for your men’s salon business license in the UAE, your first step should be to engage the services of a local company formation expert.

    The team at Worldwide Formations will take the time to get to know your business before guiding you through the following steps.

    Step 1: Choose your business activities

    Your business activities can determine the license type and setup you require. So, it’s important that you clearly lay out your plans at the very beginning of the process.

    There are many sectors within the men’s salon industry, from hair styling to massage or other beauty therapies. To ensure you are correctly licensed, you should list all intended activities on your application.

    Step 2: Choose your company name

    The next administrative step is to choose your company name. Due to the UAE’s corporate naming conventions, there are a few considerations to keep in mind at this stage.

    For example, your business name cannot be the same as one used by an existing business in the UAE. In addition, it should not contain any blasphemous or offensive language or have any religious connotations.

    Step 3: Applying for your men’s salon business license

    It is now time for the all-important step, applying for your UAE trade license.

    This process will differ slightly depending on whether you are setting up in a free zone or the mainland. But whatever the case, Worldwide Formations can manage every step of the application for you, liaising with free zone and mainland authorities depending on your chosen jurisdiction.

    Step 4: Applying for visas

    As well as your business license, you will also need a residency visa to operate a men’s salon business in the UAE. The application process is a little more involved and requires you to undertake a medical examination, blood test and biometric scanning for your Emirates ID.

    You can also sponsor the visas for dependants such as your family or employees. Once again, Worldwide Formations can guide you through this process.

    Step 5: Open a corporate bank account

    Finally, you will need a corporate bank account to trade freely in the UAE. Worldwide Formations will work with you at this stage to determine the bank most suited to your needs.

    Cost of getting a men’s salon license in Dubai, UAE

    The cost of a men’s salon license is usually in the region of AED 10,000 to AED 30,000, depending on your requirements.

    However, there are many more costs to consider on top of this. You will also need to account for visas, office space, staff, equipment, insurance, and any other additional permits or approvals that may be required to trade.

    For a full, personalised breakdown of the costs involved in opening a men’s salon business in the UAE, get in touch with the team at Worldwide Formations.

    Marketing strategies for success in the men’s salon business in Dubai

    There are several effective ways to market your men’s salon in the UAE. The following methods will help you get your services in front of your desired audience and stand out from the competition.

    Creating a brand

    The first step in creating a unique brand is defining your target audience. Identify the needs and expectations of your ideal customer and set about creating an offering that appeals directly to them.

    Throughout this process, you should focus on setting your salon apart from others in your area. Consider a unique theme or a specialised service not offered elsewhere.

    Building a strong online presence

    The first step is to create an attention-grabbing and user-friendly website. It should be visually appealing as well as informative. Include all essential information to help potential customers find out about your business and its services – treatments, prices, opening hours and more.

    Be sure to optimise your website to make it search engine friendly, too. And set up your local listing page with Google My Business and elsewhere, so you can be easily found by anyone requiring your services.

    Targeted advertising and promotional activities

    The businessmen of Dubai like to look good. So, why not meet them at the source and actively target local companies with exclusive memberships, discounts and promotions. Loyalty and referral programmes are a great way to build business, too. Offer perks to repeat customers and discounts for every new customer they refer.

    Events and exhibitions are big business in this part of the world too. Offer your space to host a networking or business event with a free treatment or gift for attendees.

    How Worldwide Formations can help

    With interest in male grooming continuing to grow, there’s never been a better time to launch a men’s salon business in the UAE. But while the process of getting started out here can be fast and straightforward, it is always best undertaken with the help of an expert.

    Worldwide Formations can handle every aspect of business setup in the UAE to ensure a smooth and simple process.

    For more information and a personalised quote, please visit Worldwide Formations.

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