Freelance Worldwide
Exclusively from Worldwide Formations

Freelance Worldwide – Exclusive from WWF

Freelance Worldwide is our exclusive freelance permit and visa package.

This is not a privately issued employment visa. Unlike many other providers, WWF is proud to offer a 100% legal and fully authorised permit for freelancers in the UAE.

Sign up to Freelance Worldwide, and you’ll get a government-issued permit and three-year residency visa in your own name – from just AED 9,995.

Freelance Worldwide pricing options:

  • Yearly instalment plan:
    • Year 1: AED 9,995
    • Year 2: AED 4,985
    • Year 3: AED 4,985
  • OR, one-time fee for permit and visa: AED 17,500 (every 3 years).



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    Office 611 & Lobby Level

    The Fairmont Dubai,

    Sheikh Zayed Road

    PO 33964 Dubai, UAE

    Office Hours :- 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
    (Monday to Friday)