KIZAD truly fits the qualifications of a perfect location and fulfills an entrepreneur’s most basic desire – a popular address. Having a business here means you could possibly be rubbing shoulders with conglomerates you admire like the Etihad Airways, Agility, and COSCO Shipping Ports.*

The Khalifa Industrial Zone or KIZAD is a visionary project, and part of the Abu Dhabi Ports, established by the Government of Abu Dhabi for promoting ‘industrial revolution’ in the region. Recently in October 2018, it earned a new sobriquet – ‘the Trade facilitator/Free Zone of the year’*, which has set the ball rolling on their aim of industrial diversification by the end of 2030.

KIZAD started operating in the year 2012 when the UAE landscape was already dotted with several other free zones. But it started attracting foreign investors in droves due to the unique benefits it offered. Let’s look at the advantages of setting up your business at KIZAD.

Why set up your business in KIZAD?

KIZAD offers all the benefits of a UAE free zone:

  • 100% capital and profit repatriation
  • 100% ownership
  • Fast licensing procedure
  • 0% tax – corporate and personal
  • Duty-free
  • Low-cost leasing facility

What type of companies can you set up at KIZAD?

Company formation at KIZAD is easy, provided you know what type of company you are going to set up. KIZAD lets you form two types of companies:

  1. A Limited Liability Company (LLC): You can set up an LLC with three types of ownership. You require minimum capital of AED 150000. The three types of ownerships KIZAD allows are:
  • Individual
  • Corporate Entity
  • Individual and Corporate Entity


2. A Branch of a Company: You can open a branch of your existing company in KIZAD with zero share capital. It can be the branch of a company in the UAE or abroad.

KIZAD welcomes almost all type of businesses to its 417 sq. km premise. It issues various licenses for various business activities viz.

  • Industrial License: This is issued for conducting light manufacturing activities.
  • Trading License: This is issued to conduct logistical and trading activities such as distribution, warehousing, import, and export.
  • Service License: This is issued to conduct service-related activities as specified by the authorities.


How to start a company in KIZAD?

Starting a company in KIZAD is a step-by-step process. Follow these 6 points and it will help you with company formation at KIZAD.

  1. Choose the kind of economic activity you wish to carry out in KIZAD keeping in mind the stipulations by the Department of Economic Activity, Abu Dhabi.
  2. Choose the legal structure for your business, whether LLC or a branch.
  3. Decide on a name for your company and register it. The trade name should resemble your business.
  4. Apply for initial approval and further approvals from the authorities.
  5. After receiving the approvals, the final step is getting the respective license for your business activity.
  6. You are now fit to start your business.


Being a well-planned industrial zone, KIZAD offers better infrastructure, warehousing, and transportation facilities in their free zone and hence makes the most ideal location for your company. Talk to a registered agent for a hassle-free business setup at KIZAD.


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