The Advantages of Setting up a company in Dubai Airport Free zone Authority (DAFZA)

Dubai’s current status as one of the most business-friendly cities in the Middle East has been some time in the making. Even as the world recovers from the aftereffects of global recession and the fall in gas prices, Dubai has sustained its incredible growth through long established policies of diversification and the robust entrepreneur-friendly decisions of the government over the past few decades.

This explosive growth has also been the result of the number of free zones that have been established across the emirate, offering companiesand entrepreneurs state-of-the-art facilities and hassle-free licensing to setup new offices and conduct business.

Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) is the most well-known and one of the most successful among the many free zones in the UAE. Launched in 1996, DAFZA has pretty much spearheaded Dubai’s transformation into a diversified, investment-driven economy. Thanks to the incredible business-friendly services and benefits that DAFZA offers businesses, it has grown to become the preferred destination of over 1,600 companies from across the world. Today it contributes nearly 5% of Dubai’s GDP.

Below we explore some of the major advantages of setting up a business in Dubai Airport Freezone Authority:

  1. Extraordinary Operational Services
    These services include everything from full-fledged ready-to-use offices and world-class IT and housekeeping services to a prompt and professional 24-hour security, round-the-clock dedicated logistics facilities, and an unfailing energy supply. Additionally, these services are managed by trained internationally-qualified staff who are supported by cutting-edge hi-tech equipment.
  2. 100% Ownership
    This is one of the greatest advantages of choosing DAFZA to set up your offices.The chance to own a business in its entirety in a foreign land is often rare and unusual, and the ability to make quick administrative and operational decisions without having to get it cleared by others can play an unparalleled role in the success of a business.
  3. 100% Repatriation of Profits
    Businesses operating within DAFZA are exempted from export/import taxes, corporate taxes and duties for about 50 years.The complete repatriation of profits not only adds to the revenue, it also saves businessesfrom worrying about the constant changes in government policies eating further into their profits.
  4. Business Processes Made Easy
    DAFZA is fertile ground to start off any company formation process. Not only are there a variety of licenses on offer based on your unique form of business and industry vertical, these are also easy to obtain through a process free of complicated red-tape and unnecessary administrative tasks.
  5. Easy Hiring
    One of the foremost factors deciding the success of a business is the easy access to quality talent that can contribute to the eventual growth of the organization. DAFZA supports companies by streamlining accessibility to labourand providing comprehensive and hassle-free visa processing, sponsorship and accommodation services for employees.


If you are business looking to set up your offices in DAFZA, it would be wise to seek the help of a registered company formation agent who can guide you through the various legal formalities and procedures and support you with facilities that can get you started and operational right away.

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