Abu Dhabi –Past, Present & Future

Before oil reserves were discovered in Abu Dhabi, the people were dependent on fishing and pearl industry – diving and searching for pearl from sunrise to sunset.

The discovery of oil reserves in 1958 was a turning point in the history of Abu Dhabi. This sowed the seeds of prosperity for the present and future generations to come.

Now anunparalleled city,Abu Dhabi enjoys top-class infrastructure, telecommunications, many architectural marvels, superbshopping malls, luxury hotels and healthcare institutions. These factors all work together to make Abu Dhabi a great destination for tourists and business start-ups alike.

With the future sheltered by the significant, untapped oil wealth, Abu Dhabi isnow looking forward to diversifying its economy further.

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City

Abu Dhabiis positioned in the heart of the Middle East and is an international hub for travel and commerce. The Abu Dhabi government’s Vision 2030envisageda dynamic economy and thus established the Abu Dhabi Airport Business City. It owns, operates, manages and develops logistics parks andbusiness centrescalled Free Zones, around the airports.

Free Zones

The Free Zones provide an exclusiverange of officesand warehousing solutions to a wide spectrum of business segments.

Target sectors

Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is a much preferred business destination for international and local business in various verticals likeAviation, Airport Services, Trade, Logistics, Cargo, Aerospace, Defence, Freight, IT & Telecommunication,Pharmaceuticals, Consultancy Management, Marketing & Events, Light Industries.

The Free Zone advantage

The top ten benefits within the Free Zone of Abu Dhabi Airport Business City are:

  1. 100% foreign ownership
  2. 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  3. 100% corporate and income tax exemptions
  4. 0% custom duties
  5. Proximity to the airport facilitating imports and exports
  6. Easy, simple registration and licensing
  7. In-house IT and telecommunications services
  8. 24/7 security and access to facilities
  9. Independent regulations
  10. Easy access to regional markets

The competent infrastructure and other amenities of Abu Dhabi Airport Business City are many.

They include:

  • Commercial offices
  • Warehousing units
  • Furnished offices with Flexi-Desk option
  • Land plots for development
  • An array of essential facilitiesto suit every business sector

Possessing immense scope for development, Abu Dhabi is always open to new business ventures to the Business City. If you have plans to extend your business reach to this location, do seek the assistance of registered company formation agencies for hassle-free procedures.

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