4 Reasons why DAFZA was declared the Global Free Zone of the Future

As Dubai transforms into an all-inclusive megapolis, it has built up a thriving business-friendly ecosystem on the foundation of a robust industrial infrastructure, an expansive transport network and unparalleled and visionary administrative support. Dubai’s free zones have played a major role in this transformation, welcoming entrepreneurs and established businesses alike into a future of extraordinary growth. They present a strategic gateway not only to establish a presence in the region, but also to benefit from the many advantages like 0% corporate taxes, 100% foreign ownership, and 100% repatriation of profits that they offer.

The star among these, DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone), is one of the fastest growing free zones in the region, and contributes nearly 4.7% of Dubai’s GDP (gross domestic product). It provides a fertile environment for the growth of business and trade and a prudent station for any investment. A few years back, this multi-award winning business destination was decorated with new feather to its cap – it was declared the Global Free Zone of the Future (2012/13) by fDi Magazine.

In the following few paragraphs we take a deeper look at DAFZA and why the award was so well-deserved:

Quality Infrastructure
Whatever be the type of business that you’re trying to build, DAFZA offers some of the best infrastructural support and enterprise-level solutions in the region. This remains true whether the requirements are for a small office offering digital solutions or a large warehouse with manufacturing facilities and storage space. In addition to state-of-the-art infrastructure, DAFZA also supports both young and established companies through world-class amenities, high-speed communication facilities, 24/7 security, dedicated logistics centres and rapid cargo clearance.

As the name suggests, the major advantage of Dubai Airport Free Zone is its strategic location in the heart of Dubai, right next to the Dubai International Airport. This allows for easy access and transport of goods and materials, facilitating easy interaction and business processes. Its exceptional integration with the airport has also earned it the Best Airport Zone award from fDi Magazine. Additionally, DAFZA is also less than an hour away from the Jebel Ali Port.

Long Term Growth
Even though DAFZA has already attracted over 1,600 companies, the free zone is gearing up and developing its infrastructure to attract 1,500 more. This would involve expanding the 700,000-square-metre area by about 100,000-square-metres. DAFZA has displayed visionary preparedness for changes and upheavals in the global economic climate by turning its sights from Europe (which has been its major area of focus in the past) to newly expansionist economies like Singapore, China, South Korea and India. DAFZA has also stayed environmentally aware by building ‘green buildings’ equipped with sustainable energy management systems that meet international environmental standards.

It is agreed universally that the mark of a great free zone is usually how diversified it is. DAFZA has shown initiative in this regard by expanding its facilities to cater to more than a limited number of industries. It achieves this through inclusive infrastructural planning, supportive facilities and amenities, and through smart administrative and government policies that make the free zone an attractive location for businesses from all verticals. This has helped it attract everything from large-scale high-profit industries to small-scale high-growth industries from across the world.

It should be clear by now that for any business trying to establish a presence in the region, DAFZA would be a truly prudent and wise decision. It would also be wise to seek the assistance of a registered company formation agent to help guide you through the many processes and procedures involved in setting up a company in the free zone.

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