A Vanuatu Passport and Citizenship are priceless assets to have in the 21st century. The country offers incredibly high quality of life and many business-friendly tax benefits. With guaranteed visa-free travel to more than 125 countries, the Vanuatu Passport is 45th in terms of travel freedom. If you would like to partake in the wonderful lifestyle and privileges that Vanuatu offers, we can help out.

Partnering with WWFL can help simplify, streamline and expedite your citizenship significantly. Appointed as Official Representatives by the newly elected government of the Republic of Vanuatu, we have exclusive access to all required government agencies and documentation programs. This allows us to promise you a fast-tracked process that delivers you your passport in just eight weeks.


  • A dedicated professional to assist you through the process
  • Advice and assistance with acquiring all required documentation
  • Direct exclusive access to the Vanuatu immigration authority
  • Expedited visa and passport process
  • Legal consultations regarding citizenship
  • Advice and mentorship regarding the laws and regulations in Vanuatu

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